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Welcome to Real Estate Scandinavia If you are looking for real estate in Sweden this website is for you.

Thousands of realtors from all of Sweden.

Sweden is divided into 21 counties. Depending on where in Sweden you are looking to buy or sell houses, apartments, property or vacation houses you can click on the map to find the right real estate agent for you in Sweden. You will also find links to the realtors homepages where you find what they have for sale at the moment.

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Swedish real estate agents speak good English

The process of buying property in Sweden is made easier because most Swedes (including the real estate agents in most cases) are fluent in English.

Why use real estate agents in Sweden

Because there are many rules and regulations in Sweden regarding buying and selling property, it is a good idea to contact a real estate agent and not try to buy directly from the owner.

Governmental control through FMI

The real estate agents in Sweden need to have a license from Fastighetsmäklarinspektionen (The Swedish Estate Agents Inspectorate ). All the estate agent firms on this website have licensed real estate agents working for them.

Real estate agents in Sweden

Map Swedish regions
Norrbotten Västerbotten Västernorrland Jämtland Gävleborg Dalarna Värmland Örebro Västmanland Uppsala Stockholm Södermanland Östergötland Västra Götaland Jönköping Kalmar Gotland Halland Kronoborg Blekinge Skåne